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(Don't) Look Away

place attachment. memory. belonging.


This photobook is a (recreated) memory documentation of a walk at night in a new city as I settle down and familiarise myself with my surroundings.

I continue on my journey of exploring how our surrounding landscapes affect us, or in this case comfort us.

"Outside and Inside are both intimate- they are always ready to be reversed, to exchange their hostility."
(pg. 49, Place and Placelessness)

The series is a culmination of exploring the visual abstraction that we, humans, unintentionally create with the architecture surrounding us and how we observe and perceive the same from the ‘inside’ and from the ‘outside’.

It’s a (recreated!) documentation of what we subconsciously see around us at night- uncountable houses bustling with life inside peeking out through the windows. As you flip through the pages, I want you to feel like you are walking with me; we pass by various homes of strangers, whose real stories are protected by the walls of their home, their safe space but their presence has created a synergy of comfort for you.

This fraction of a second of interaction is key to building our sense of place within the social fabric.

Next time you take a walk alone, look around and feel the city breathing…

(Don't) Look Away

12x18" portrait photo book

pricing on request!

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