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This book is a part of my final thesis for my Masters.

Moving to a new country/city is challenging in many ways; settling into this brand new environment becomes most important. Time and again it has been proven that humans interact in deeper ways with the architecture/landscape surrounding us than we are able to consciously perceive. Changes in this environment, can push us to search for that solace again. My interest in understanding this place attachment and its effects on us, was what drove me to start this project. It started with my own experience of moving to a new country 2 years prior and realising a lot of these connections myself.

Regular activities like walking in the park or travelling to work, are a part of our monotonous routine that now we perform unconsciously. A lot of our observations while doing these ‘tasks’, are forgotten due to the regularity of its nature. I wanted to ‘pause’ these moments and try to highlight the importance these forgotten memories make in our lives. Having moved to a new country very recently myself, I first decided to explore my own ‘place’ within this new setting. This series is a recreation of my personal memories, paused, to remind me I too belong here.

(Don't) Look Away

SKU: 0000017

12"x18" photobook

portrait, layflat, colous & bnw

gloss finish, fuji photographic paper

60 pages


self published

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